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How to find short sales

If you looking to move, and you want to get a taste of Southern charm, but still have all the amenities of city life, consider relocating to San Antonio, Texas. The third largest metropolitan area in Texas, and 24th largest in the U.S., San Antonio is usually warm throughout the year, with the highest temperatures in July and August. It houses an expansive job market, and a rapidly growing work force. Five Fortune 500 companies are also situated within the city, and the city’s various attractions, such as the Alamo, draw millions of tourists a year.

During your search for San Antonio homes for sale, it would be best to work with a San Antonio real estate agent. Finding the right real estate agent can make the process much easier, because they will be able to tell you about the housing market in the area, how to find short sales, and the advantages and disadvantages of building vs buying a home. They will also be able to tell you that finding a foreclosure home in Texas might not be a good way to go, as less than 2% of homes were in foreclosure as of August 2013. That percentage is part of a national trend; the number of foreclosure homes decreased by 454,000 properties from August 2012 to August 2013.

Real estate agents that are well-versed in the property value of different parts of San Antonio will also be able to tell you where it would be best to invest in a owning a home. If you really are interested in how to find short sales, you can try to find an agent that knows how to handle these types of sales. They can be tricky, but can also land you a nice house for a discounted price.

In any case, if you are moving to San Antonio, contacting a real estate agent would be the best way to go. An agent will be able to narrow down your search quickly, and get you into the home you want as soon as possible. Then you can begin to enjoy all the sights and attractions that San Antonio has to offer. Research more here: www.allenrealtygroup.com

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