Hiring an industrial chimney contractor

Workplace hazards have been monitored for years for companies to get proper insurance coverage and use proper safety protocols when on the job. Industrial chimneys should be installed by certified professionals and not a cheap substitute. What types of things should you consider when getting an industrial chimney replaced or repaired?

Most contractors have certification to work on different types of jobs. They have special insurance on themselves, their workers, and the work once it is done. Look for things like warranties, certifications, BBB ratings, and customer service reviews. Hiring a bad contractor can be a nightmare in the end and create nothing but hassle and more costs. By ensuring you hire a professional you take all the guess work out of replacing or repairing your industrial chimney.

What should you look for to avoid getting a bad contractor? Have you ever hired someone to do a job that was promised to be done in a week and it somehow lasts an extra three weeks? Workers show up late, the materials aren’t right, or they just can’t complete the job. This is common for some poorly trained or unethical contractors and you can avoid this by hiring someone who has a good reputation. Many contractors that do industrial chimneys take pride in their work and want referrals from business to business. If you can’t find a reputable contractor look them up a bit first before you hire them. It will be worth the time and effort instead of hiring a flaky commercial chimney contractor that’s never there.

If you happen to get a bad contractor you may be in for a long battle before you ever see any money back or changes made. Trying to get a hold of the guy that was supposed to replace your industrial chimneys after three weeks is never fun. If it seems like he’s avoiding you he probably is. If your contractor is always late, has excuses for material issues or seems like he doesn’t know what he’s doing it’s probably time to pull the plug. Workplace fatalities dropped by 80% since 1970 due to safety regulations so don’t hire a guy that doesn’t follow the rules. Luckily for most companies you don’t have to pay in full until the work is done so you should be OK. If you made a deposit you may never see it again. If you paid for materials just let the next reputable contractor use them and cut your losses.

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