Highly Subject Specific Social Media Makes Its’ Internet Debut

Professional social websites

With the explosion of social media in both personal and professional settings, it is no surprise that social media platforms have begun to fragment themselves into even more specialized platforms, ranging from everything from sites for athletes, book lovers, to knitters, and more.

In a recent development, social networking has shifted from a leisurely activity to a powerful networking and professional reference tool. Professional social websites have begun to become more well known, ranging from everything from business to science. A recent new social site has exploded on the scene that is a professional networking site specifically for professionals in the field of science. Ever wondered where you can find new science news? science answers to all of your science questions? What about meeting with like minded individuals for inspired by science events?

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, you are in luck, as the trend appears to be gaining popularity. Aside from a discussion platform and networking site, the website posts the the latest and new science news, scholarly journals online, scientific current events, and more. While still in its’ start up phases, social media platforms in highly specific fields seem to be gaining traction, so keep your eye out for platforms that may be up your ally, whether it be new science news, or cute kitten pictures.

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