Here’s Why Blister Packaging is so Important to Your Health and Safety

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Blister packs are used by many manufacturers, but are especially beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry. Have you ever wondered why your pills are all separated in their own special cavity? Read on to see why blister packs are so important to your health and safety.
Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to your medicine. You trust your medication to be sterile and safe, free from tampering. The best way to determine if your medicine has been tampered with is to use blister packaging.
What is blister packaging? It is a pre-formed plastic package used for smaller consumer goods. In the world of medicine, each individual dose has its own plastic dome to separate it from the others. By placing each dose in its separate casing, it?s easily to tell if any tampering has occurred. Even the biggest pharmaceutical companies use blister packaging for their consumers.
Some types of blister card packaging has plastic on one side and foil or paper on the other. The paper backing is great for consumer safety because the medicine information and dose instructions can be printed right on the paper. It makes it easier for consumers to follow the correct dosage and know what they are putting into their body if the original box packaging has been lost.
Aside from safety, blister packaging secures products from the damaging effects of heat, moisture or gas. By encasing it in plastic, your medicines will have a longer shelf life and retain its potency. Medicines do have expiration dates, and blister packaging often works to defer that expiry date.
Blister packaging companies make the packages easy to use for consumers. Often, all you?ll have to do is pop the pill out of the package. There are no bottle tops to unscrew or fuss with ? an important selling point to those with arthritis or poor grip.
There are many blister packaging designs that several big pharmaceutical companies use. You might have some blister packages in your medicine cabinet that you never realized before! You can thank blister pharma packaging for keeping your medicine safe and secure.

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