Here Are Three Reasons Why Your Social Media Has To Be On Point As A Business

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It seems that every business is getting on the social media bandwagon in today’s economy. Many businesses are excited by how easy it is to use, or the sense of connectivity that you can get from using social media to connect with your customers. Making the most of your small business web design and using social media marketing can really do wonders for your business. Here are three ways that working social media presence into your small business web design can help your business take off.

1. Good web design, and one that utilizes social media well, is hard to come by. Using your social media in the right way can allow you to funnel users from one tot he other. You can get users to your website to visit your facebook page through. This also works in the reverse fashion by linking to your website on your facebook. Americans spend 2.7 hours every day socializing online. Make sure you business is visible to them while they do this.

2. Social media marketing is some of the best internet marketing that money can’t buy. This is because it can function as word of mouth advertising that doesn’t cost you anything. This is because people often share things with their friends on social media sites. In fact, 69% of people will like a brand that their friends like online. This is why it can be so cost effective. Furthermore, this is more effective at peak hours, like during primetime at 8 pm eastern.

3. Letting people socialize and participate is a good practice of small business web design. Small business web design that promotes participation is one that doesn’t have barriers to entry. Engaging customers will make people more likely to spend time on your website and share it with other. The more time that people spend on your website, the more likely they are to spend money. This is an example of good small business web design that can help your company grow through social media. Read more.

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