Here are 3 Reasons to Donate Your Clothing to Charity

Americans are buying more clothes each year than ever before. When you feel overwhelmed with the amount of clothing in your home, it’s natural to want to get rid of it in some way. However, instead of simply throwing it away, you should consider making clothing donations to a charitable organization. There are many charities to choose from, including charities for wounded soldiers and charities that help people in need. Used clothing donations are always welcome at these organizations. There are a number of reasons to donate clothes to charity, including charities for wounded soldiers, and this article will take a look at a few of those reasons.

  • Donating Helps Families in Need: One reason you should make a charitable donation of clothing is because it helps families in need. These charities, including charities for wounded soldiers, all help people in need of clothing and other essential supplies. When you donate your used clothing, you can do so in the knowledge that it will be put to good use with families and people that really need them.
  • It Keeps Waste Out of the Landfill: Another reason you should donate your clothing to charity is because it keeps excess waste out of the landfill. It’s estimated that Americans only donate or recycle 15 percent of their clothing, while simultaneously sending about 10 million tons of clothing to the landfill each year. If more clothing was donated instead of being thrown away, it could keep these millions of tons from going to waste in landfills.
  • Your Donations are Tax Deductible: A third reason to donate our clothes to charity is because your donations can be tax deductible. A tax deduction can be made up to the full value of the clothing you are donating. If you claim more than $500 on this deduction though, you will have to submit an appraisal on the value of the items to the IRS so they can verify the value of these items that you are claiming a deduction on.

In conclusion, there are several important reasons to donate your used clothing to charity. These reasons include helping families in need, keeping excess waste out of the landfill, and knowing that your donations are tax deductible. These are just a few of the reasons to donate your used clothing to charity.

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