Grow Your Business with Great Commercial Signs

Digital signs for business

You want to get more people in the door of your business. Commercial business signs offer more visibility to the businesses that use them. When asked, 35% of consumers say they only found a business because they saw the sign. When customers go into a Best Buy, nearly 17% say they did so because they saw that great big sign. Adding or changing a sign can have a direct impact on sales revenue. Studies now show that when you replace a front wall sign with one that is bigger, sales go up by at least 7.7%. If you are looking at installing a new sign, you may not know how to go about it.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your commercial business signs:

  1. Make your text short and sweet. You have a very short amount of time to get your message across to the people who will see and read your sign. If your sign text is too complicated or long, it will be lost. For drivers, they only have a few seconds to read and comprehend your sign. Even people who are walking by may not spend more than a few seconds looking at your sign. If you have a short slogan, that works on commercial signs. While the text on your commercial signs needs to be short and sweet, it also needs to mirror you general message.
  2. Edit, edit and then edit again. This is so important that it is worth repeating. The shorter you can make the message on your sign, the better. Recently, the “Wall Street Journal” printed an article in which it showed how we are shortening our text messages down to one emoticon. As we get used to shorter messages, our attention span shortens as well. The messages you put on commercial business signs needs to be as free of fluff as you can make it. In fact, you should have a zero tolerance policy for fluff in your signs and messaging.
  3. Use an easy to read font. Your commercial business signs are not the place for ornate and overly fancy fonts. You do not want fonts with curly cues or a plethora of colors. You want a sans serif font that is easy on the eyes. Again, to be effective, people need to be able to read and process your outdoor LED business signs in a matter of seconds. If it takes longer than that or if they cannot decipher your font, your sign will be just about worthless. Your message needs to be clean and clear.
  4. Incorporate the words “you” and “yours” in your commercial business signs. You want people walking or driving or walking by your outdoor LED display to see themselves using your or enjoying your product. You have probably seen the sign, “If you lived here, you’d be home.” That is the perfect example of this principle. People see that and even if it is not an option, they think about what it would be like to live at that location. They may never move there but, for at least a second, they wonder what life would be like at that location. You can do the same thing with restaurants, salons or whatever business you are in.
  5. Test, test and test some more. Your electronic signs for business will never be finished. They will always be a work in progress. What works today may not work in a few weeks. It is important to test how your sign is doing. Go by your commercial business signs at different times of the day. It might look great in the morning during that rush hour and then terrible during the afternoon rush hour. Small tweaks may be all that it needs to be improved. Sometimes, just shifting its placement by a few inches can make a big difference.

Make sure you have some fun with your sign. These are fun to design and develop. If you can make people laugh, you will get more sales from that sign. Think of fun and creative ways to sell your brand to the world. The more fun you have with the sign, the better.


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