Get Your Products to Fly off the Shelf When You Use Custom Boxes with Logos and Designs

Custom boxes with logo

While many people try to avoid making “impulse buys” when out shopping, sometimes they can’t help it. Research shows that around 70% of all purchasing decisions are made while in the store rather than ahead of time. And according to Packaging Digest, those decisions are made in about five seconds. What can sway consumers to abandon their shopping lists? Usually it comes down to the packaging.

Retailers have to make a splash not just when displaying other brands’ products but when selling their own products, as well. The best way to do so is to order custom boxes with logos printed on them. Using custom cardboard packaging is an easy way for businesses to get their products flying off the shelves.

Why should your company consider ordering custom boxes with logos and other eye-catching designs on them? Here are three reasons why more companies are turning to custom product packaging:

  1. Custom packaging is economical: Custom corrugated packaging has become one of the most popular types of packaging in recent years, used by about 90% of all businesses at one time or another. This packaging is also getting easier to manufacture and use because it is more lightweight than than it was in the past. Linerboard lightweighting has helped reduce the weight of corrugated cardboard by 10 to 15% over the past decade alone.
  2. Cardboard packaging is greener than you might think. As plastic grew in popularity, many businesses turned to using blister packs and other types of thick, clear plastic. But not only are these difficult to open — they’re also not very environmentally friendly. Today’s corrugated cardboard typically contains about 46% recycled materials, which help reduce the impact of greenhouse gases and acidification and use less non-renewable energy when they’re made.
  3. Your product can make an impression with a well-designed logo and package. Cardboard doesn’t have to be boring. Custom packaging solutions can take on a variety of shapes and sizes, and high-quality printing can add logos and other designs to your product’s boxes. Customized shipping boxes can also help your products arrive to other stores in style.

Have more questions about getting custom boxes with logos for your business? Leave a comment or get in touch with a great packaging design business.

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