Four Tips for Proper Forklift Battery Handling Every Employee Should Know

Battery changing system

In every warehouse, forklift safety is of utmost importance — especially forklift battery safety. The batteries used to power forklifts are massive and can be extremely hazardous if not properly handled and maintained.

So how do you know if your workers are following correct procedures for safe forklift battery management and maintenance?

Here are four of the most important things any warehouse worker should know about proper forklift battery handling procedures:

1. Use the right equipment: Forklift batteries weigh about two tons — so using the right forklift battery extractor is essential for making sure you don’t drop the battery or strain yourself while trying to remove it. Ideally, a forklift battery extractor will be in good repair and not show signs of breakage.

2. Wear protective gear: Forklift batteries contain dangerous chemicals that can easily spill out during the recharging and washing process. That’s why it’s a requirement that workers handling forklift battery extractors wear protective footwear, chemical-resistant gloves and eyewear and more to protect themselves from these chemicals.

3. Understand how to re-charge the forklift battery: Re-charging a forklift battery is a lot different from re-charging a battery in your household. There are a number of different things to keep in mind when re-charging a forklift battery, from making sure water doesn’t sit on top of the battery to keeping voltage levels consistent

4. Have emergency contact info at the ready: Even when all the necessary safety precautions are taken, accidents can still happen. To make sure your workers are prepared for emergencies, make sure there’s emergency contact information listed around the warehouse. Get more on this here.

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