Four Things an Industrial Product Distribution Company Can Help You With

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Are you part of one of many crucial American industries that supply logging, packaging solutions, or food to our great land? If you are, then you understand the importance of high quality industrial products in improving output and safety. Here are five products among the hundreds that an industrial supplier like De-Sta-Co can provide.

  • Latches
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    Products like De Sta Co latch clamps are extremely useful for a wide variety of applications. For example, pull-action latch clamps, a subset of toggle clamps, are extremely useful for molding projects. This makes it a very useful product for companies specializing in terracotta production or vacuum molding. De Sta Co latch types are available for multiple industries.

  • Clevis Pins
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    Clevis pins, an item similar to bolts, are extremely useful for agriculture applications. The clevis is a u-shaped hitch that can be attached to a wide variety of farming equipment. The clevis pin, which is only partially threaded and requires a pin for security, is then slipped through the U to secure it to the equipment. Other applications, according to Webster’s Dictionary, are the security of sailboat rigging and construction vehicles.

  • Hydraulic Pumps
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    Hydraulic pumps are used to drive logging operations and other industries that require machines with a lot of force output. They are used to bring energy to hydraulic cylinders and are known for being energy efficient. Further, because they save energy by allowing for a high degree of control over input and output, they are very cost effective.

  • Coupling Nuts
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    Coupling nuts and bolts are used as a means of providing machinery with a way to rotate in a 70 degree arc to allow for added mobility. They add a lot of security and precision to any machining operation, reducing safety concerns.

  • Linear Bearings
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    Linear bearings are used to grant a piece of equipment precise free motion in one dimension. Many, if not most, high output automated factories make use of linear bearings on their production lines. According to Igus, linear bearings are used in packaging applications. For example, the box arrives filled with a product and an arm swings in one dimension to apply tape and seal the box.

If you run a company in the agriculture, logging, automotive, or any other industry, chances are you are in need of at least one of these very important industrial products. Whether you need a De Sta Co latch, plastic knobs, or hydraulic pumps, seeking out a reputable supplier of industrial products is the best thing to do. You have seen what they can provide. What are you waiting for? More like this blog:

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