Four Advanced SEO Tips for 2014 to Keep in Mind

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While updates to Google algorithms like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird have drastically altered the SEO landscape and rendered some of the best SEO techniques from past years useless, if not detrimental, working to improve rankings on search engine results pages is still a must for many growing businesses. But in order to make that kind of investment worthwhile, businesses need to use the most advanced SEO techniques available in 2014. Today, most of them are based on the fact that providing value to web users and being creative are imperative.

Create Infographics

Web users move fast, so one of the biggest challenges for marketers is finding ways to capture the attention of potential customers. Using infographics to do that is a wise choice because the big bold images attract their attention while giving them the information they need to make a purchase. Creating custom infographics may be the most influential of the new SEO techniques.

Varied Media

In today’s digital marketplace, consumers aren’t just reading blogs, articles, and product descriptions to get the information they need about products. In addition, they are listening to streaming radio, viewing online ads, and even watching video reviews. Though traditional online content, like blogs, are still vital, using various media options is wise for creating an awesome SEO campaign.

Social Networking

The lines between SEO and social media used to be quite clear, but nowadays, the two are blended together more than ever before. So while social media tips and tricks might be designed to gain followers, likes, and shares, they can also influence SEO. Because of that, building a robust social media presence is one of the most helpful advanced SEO techniques.

Use Keyword Phrases

In the past, keyword packing and high keyword density were key for getting pages seen and earning high rankings. Keyword phrases that are organically woven into pieces are the best way to make sure that content will be seen by Google’s algorithms but also make sure that they are useful to readers.

Though SEO is quite different than it was in its infancy, and the advanced SEO techniques used today represent significant evolution from their earlier predecessors, understanding and using them is a must for growing businesses. More than 40% of web users click the top-ranking link when they use search engines, a great SEO campaign has the potential to be an invaluable tool. Read more like this.

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