Forklift Repair Services From Scheduled Maintenance to Parts Replacement

Many warehouses and factories use forklifts and other heavy equipment in order to transport products and supplies. In order to operate one of these vehicles, personnel need to be trained and certified. When forklift operators follow safety guidelines, they can potentially reduce the number of accidents that occur in these types of work environments.

Warehouse and Factory Accidents

One percent of the warehouse and factory accidents that occur involve forklifts. When considering the total number of warehouse and factory accidents, ten percent are caused by this piece of equipment. While some of these accidents and injuries may be due to situations out of the forklift operator’s control, others are the result of operator error. This is why it’s vital for forklift operators and other personnel to adhere to safety guidelines.

Forklift Statistics

A world record was set in 1989 when a forklift was able to lift 90 tons. This record-breaking forklift is still on display. Currently, most average forklifts are able to handle between one and five tons. Their heavy-duty counterparts, however, can handle up to 50 tons.

There are several ways that today’s forklifts are powered. In addition to being batter-powered, forklifts can be powered by electricity, diesel fuel, gasoline, and propane.

Forklift Speed Guidelines

Forklifts have a maximum speed of eight miles per hour. When being operated in areas where there is a heavy pedestrian presence, however, forklifts shouldn’t exceed three miles per hour. There are other situations, of course, when lower speeds are necessary in order to promote safety.

Forklift Repair Services

Since you want to ensure that your warehouse’s forklifts are in excellent working condition, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance inspections. In addition to minor repairs, forklifts may need parts replacement, new batteries, or another type of servicing. When you utilize forklift repair services, you want their staff to possess professional-level equipment expertise. This can make a positive impact on the smooth functioning of your overall operations.

Furthermore, you also want to make sure that each forklift operator in your employ is fully trained and authorized to operate this equipment. Remember that your staff needs to have their certifications renewed every three years. In this way, you create a safer work environment for your operators and other personnel.


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