For Precision and Consistency, Die Cut Fabrics

How is fabric cut out in industry

When it comes to cutting fabric commercially for customer comfort, there is nothing better than the fabric die cutting process. Because fabric die cutting can mass-produce shapes with the exact same dimensions from a variety of materials, fabrics for commercial endeavors can meet the high standards of both function and form.

Comfort is Number One

In a survey conducted by RBC, consumers said that they like movie theaters that upgrade the seating and concessions stands regularly, and that offer alternative content on slower, off nights. Though 44% of the 1,000 people asked didn?t have a favorite movie theater, almost a quarter said they liked AMC because of their focus on improving the experience for their customer.

And it?s not just when going to the movies that people want to sit comfortably. An average of more than 8 million people fly somewhere every day, and they like to do so in a pleasant manner. In a recent poll conducted by Trip Advisor, 30% of Americans who responded said that comfortable seating is the biggest improvement airlines could make and 41% of airline passengers questioned said that more legroom would be the best way to make that improvement.

Die cut fabric sits comfortably and consistently throughout your space, to create a contiguous and enjoyable experience.


And the precision of fabric die cutting doesn?t just mean better seating, there?s a safety aspect. While vehicle seat belts do have to meet exacting standards, their strength can be greatly reduced by just twisting them. Twisting a seat belt once causes 6% less strength, twice an 11% reduction in strength and twisting three times causes a 20% cut. Six times causes a 40% reduction, that?s almost half as safe as it should be. Die cutting means less twisting, because of the consistency of the precision of the die cutting process.

You run your business like you run your machinery: all the parts do what they need to do when they need to. That?s why you?re successful. Then why aren?t you using fabric die cutting for your custom industrial sewing services? Shouldn?t your work be as precise and consistent as you are?

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