Food Processng Equipment Should be Durable and Reliable


A whole range of industries like dairy, food, pet food, chemicals, agriculture and pharmaceuticals need machinery and processing systems to function efficiently. Equipment that meets standards such as BIISC, GMA, USDA dairy helps them to find sanitary solutions for processing needs. Material handing products like conveyors, storage bins, surge bins, tumblers, vibratory screeners and drums help to achieve maximum processing efficiencies.

Processing systems for specific industries
Many food manufacturers and other industries like dairy, pet food, chemicals, cement, agriculture and pharmaceuticals need special equipment that meets their specific processing needs. Products like crushers, crumblers and tumblers help manufacturers meet their targets for quality and efficiency.
Machine and process design firms can partner with many food manufacturers to develop special processing systems for specific products. These systems allow the manufacturers to achieve maximum processing efficiencies. Full service labs can test systems and configurations to ensure that each product is right for the job it is intended to do.

  • Tumblers
    Tumblers are rotating drums used to create uniform mixtures. They have varied and multiple uses in a whole range of industries like food processing, chemicals, agriculture, recycling metals, and minerals and mining. They are used in processing cereals and fruit and berries. Tumbling can take from six to 24 hours, depending on the amount of the materials.
    Tumbling drums vary in size, again according to the product being processed. The diameter of the tumbling drum is usually less than its length. The most commonly-used dimensions vary from 18 to 36 inches in diameter and from 18″ to 42 inches in length. Barrel speeds are in the range of 28 to 32 RPM.

  • Vibratory conveyors and screeners
    Vibratory conveyors transport product safely without any breakages or loss of way applied coatings. Screening for size can be achieved by perforations in specified sizes. These can be used to separate lumps or to achieve a targeted size. They are typically used for products like cherries, apples, cranberries, pet food, granola, candy and raisins.
    For product safety and quality, vibratory conveyors can be equipped with plastic pan extensions to accommodate a metal detector. In fact, vibratory conveyors can be made in a variety of sizes to meet different needs. Features such as gates and covers can be added as necessary.

Equipment design for safety and reliability

Equipment is designed ensure durability and reliability over years, even with round the clock operations. Designs are also sanitary and hygienic to meet safety require at, especially for food and pharmaceuticals.
Equipment like conveyors, tumblers and crushers are also designed to minimize power usage, maximize productivity, and provide years of reliable, steady, trouble free operation.

Machinery and processing systems for food, pharmaceuticals and other industries must meet high standards for durability, reliability and hygiene. Machine and design firms can help manufacturers by providing the right equipment for specific functions.

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