Five Benefits of Resin Flooring

We walk on floors every day, but we rarely think about them unless there’s a problem. That’s the goal, though: the floor should be so well made and so suited to your needs that you don’t have to think about it. The floor protection industry is in the business of providing the four key elements you need for your flooring: durability, comfort, ease of cleaning, and water resistance. About 128,000 business in the United States supply the whole flooring industry, and commercial flooring needs make up nearly 40% of the market, as of 2016.

Deciding precisely what type of flooring is best for your needs and what provides the best combination of those four elements is crucial to the smooth and efficient running of any warehouse or business. Industrial flooring comes in many types: concrete deck, metal decking, and resin flooring are just a few. Resin flooring is a great choice, and knowing the benefits of resin flooring can be helpful.

  • Resin flooring is flexible to stress. One big benefit of industrial resin flooring is that it retains flexibility under impacts and shock. The chemical bond that the resin covering makes holds a lot of weight and the flexibility allows even more weight support before you even dream of cracking concrete underneath.
  • Resin flooring is safe. Another great benefit to resin flooring is the safety it provides from accidental slips and falls. This form of floor includes an anti-slip layer that both supports walking and increases friction, protecting from slips.
  • A resin floor is a hygienic floor. If cleanliness is important to a warehouse floor, you’ll be glad to know that the top coating is stain resistant and made to purpose so that anything can be wiped off without being absorbed into the floor. Nothing dropped on resin flooring will make it sticky or absorb into the floor beneath.
  • For tough floors, choose resin flooring. The chemical bond created for laying a resin floor is stronger than concrete. As such, it is very resistant to cracks and breakage, and since the chemical bond is continuous this kind of toughness will last.
  • Resin flooring can adapt to aesthetic preferences. Until concrete or metal floors, there are a multitude of colors, textures, designs to choose from when installing resin flooring. Whatever color or texture is chosen, it will still be resistant to chemicals and abrasion, strong, flexible, and safe.

There are a number of benefits to industrial resin flooring; there are also other types of warehouse and business floor systems available. To learn more, contact a local flooring provider.

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