Fire Alarm Systems Why Every Building Should Have One

Fire alarm systems are hugely important in any commercial or residential building in the United States and beyond. Fire alarm systems can even save lives as well as prevent a considerable amount of damage. With regular fire alarm inspection of fire alarm systems by fire protection companies, many dangers can be adequately avoided entirely and minor fires can be put out before they become major – damaging and even, in some cases, life threatening.

And fires are not at all uncommon no matter where you go in the United States. For instance, hotel fires happen regularly, and cause as many as fifteen deaths and more than one hundred and forty injuries in just one year (the total tally of injuries is around one hundred and fifty). The property damage caused by a fire originating in a hotel or motel setting is also significant, and can total more than seventy five million dollars over the course of the year. And motels and hotels are certainly not the only places where fires are all to common and a fire prevention service and regular fire alarm inspection could save lives as well as prevent property damage.

Health care and medical facilities also see their fair share of fires over the duration of just one year. The majority of medical facility fires originate from cooking spaces, where food is typically prepared for the patients and employees of the facility, particularly if it is a live in facility like an assisted living home or a place that provides hospice care. These cooking spaces are often small and confined, without much ventilation, and are the source of more than half of all facilities that happen in a medical facility – the exact percentage is around fifty five percent. Electrical malfunction is also common in medical facilities across the entirety of the country, and make up another nearly twenty percent of all fires that originate there.

Overall, fires are plentiful and frequent in all kinds of structures and facilities in the United States. In just one year, fire departments across the country respond to more than six thousand and two hundred fires in total. And while a fire department should always be called in the instance of a major fire, there are steps that average people who are part of the general population can take as well. For one, fire alarm installation can prevent a fire from become serious and severe by alerting the occupants of a home or a building to the presence of a fire before it becomes dangerous and life threatening. Types of fire protection services also often include the installation of sprinklers, which can help to combat a fire or even extinguish it entirely in some circumstances. Regular fire alarm inspection is also recommended after the initial installation, as fire alarm inspection can prevent any malfunctions with the device and keeps it working in the way that it should.

The data gathered on fire alarm systems use as well as sprinkler use in conjunction to it is incredibly promising. A study shows that fire alarm and sprinkler systems can save lives. Data shows that no more than two people have been killed at a time in a single fire where there were sprinkler systems in full operation. It is also true that fires in warehouses have decreased by more than half with the installation of better fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems.

Fire prevention is hugely important, and one of the best ways to combat dangerous and sometimes even deadly fires that spread quickly and leave utter destruction in their wake. A fire evacuation plan should be in place for every place of work as well as every private residence, but this does not mean that it is okay to forgo the installation of fire alarm systems and fire sprinkler systems. Fire alarm systems are important, just to make sure that the fire alarm is fully functioning as it should be. After all, what’s the use of having a fire alarm if it does not work to constantly protect your family and alert them to any possible dangers from fire.

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