Finding Employees that are Suited to You

Temp staffing

Good help is hard to find. Temp staffing agencies work hard to find it for businesses. Temp staffing agencies provide employers with temporary staffing who can fill in a certain role for a designated amount of time.

Of Canadian business executives, 41 percent claim that it is often somewhat or very challenging to locate skilled professionals. A temporary staffing firm can offer staffing solutions by matching employers with potential employees that are well qualified.

Temp staffing agencies help employers find good fits for their companies. The American Staffing Association conducted a study that shows that 75 percent of the employers seeking staff from temp staffing agencies rank the quality of the employee received from the agencies as equal to or better than the full time employees of the company.

Any business needs good employees. Work needs to be done, and it needs to be done well. The consequences of not having reliable employees can be taxing on a business. Three out of every four companies in Ontario do not meet the standards in their first WSIB (Workplace safety and Insurance Board) “Workwell” Audit. The consequences of failing the audit of the Canadian government agency include a potential increase in their WSIB premium. Businesses need reliable employees to be successful, and temp staffing agencies can help businesses find them. Learn more at this link.

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