Fiduciary Services Provide the Investment Advice and Services That You Need

Financial management

Five years ago when you were trying to find enough room on a credit card to buy a plane ticket for your college daughter to come home at Easter you never dreamed of the financial success you would reach. Five years ago when you were literally living paycheck to paycheck from the four jobs that both you and your wife were working you never would have dreamed that you would be searching the Internet for fiduciary services to help you make the best investments. And yet, here you are contacting a fiduciary services agent to see how best to invest the substantial shareholding profits you just received.
Whether you are someone who is just to the point of reaching financial stability, or you are an investor with large financial resources, meeting with a fiduciary service agent can provide you with the guidance you need to:

  • Make sound financial decisions about future planning.
  • Consider self funded insurance plans.
  • Reevaluate the terms of variable annuity accounts and consider cash payout benefits.
  • Determine if current life insurance policies are sufficient or are in excess.
  • Investigate options for long term care plans.
  • Analyze social security status and maximize possibilities.
  • Manage and review entire portfolio profiles.
  • Replacement strategies for wealth management plans.
  • Advice on profit sharing plans, 401Ks, and other benefit plans.

An independent investment management can provide benefits advice, while also providing consulting and fiduciary services to individuals, business owners, and groups of employees. These firms can also provide consultation for individual or corporate retirement plans, health insurance plans, long term care packages, and business valuations.
Consider the following retirement intentions of American workers and investors:

  • 54% of Americans plan to continue working after they retire.
  • 43% of Americans plan to work part time after they retire.
  • 33% of baby boomers plan to move to a different state once they retire.
  • 27% of Americans say they are unsure if they will work after they retire.
  • 19% of Americans say they do not plan to work at all after they retire.
  • 11% of Americans say that they plan to work full time after they “retire.”

Making sound financial decisions about all of your investments, before and after retirement, is the key to financial security and and sound future. Planning to work with a financial management service will help individuals prepare for and enjoy their future retirements. Companies who provide financial services and consultations to their employees will improve company morale and retention.

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