Fiber Optics are Not Just a Technology of the Future

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Even today, fiber optics might sound like a technology of the future to the average consumer who does not understand how they are used. However, they play an important role in several industries and can drastically help improve efficiency. They were even used by NASA in the cameras that were sent to the moon. And perhaps surprisingly, the first patent for fiber optics came out of Germany in 1966 after they were researched and developed for decades. Today, they have become an important part of the infrastructure of many organizations and businesses who need to real-time communication and data sharing to complete projects quickly.

Though there are several uses for fiber optics, the most common — or perhaps most important — are telecommunication and computer networking. Businesses in all kinds of industries depend on both of those tasks to run efficiently and will often use fiber optics to make sure they are as effective as possible. Using them to share video from the moon is a rare example of the capability of fiber optics, but not something that most organizations will ever need, but they are quite valuable.

Generally speaking, fiber optics is dependent on flexible, transparent fibers that are made out of silica or plastic that is used to transmit light between two ends of the tube. They are a nice alternative to metal wires because they have ultra-high bandwidth capabilities, less loss over distance, and are immune to electromagnetic interference. But any organization who wants to take advantage of fiber optic technology will have to invest not only in the proper infrastructure, but also Fluke OTDR tools that helps make sure the proper equipment calibration standards are met.

Meeting electronic calibration requirements is important for making sure organizations are able to get the most speed and efficiency out of the fiber optics that they choose to invest in. Like any other technology, if not working properly, the benefits will be extremely limited. So using Fluke test set gages and other tools is always important. Owners and managers might also want to invest in mobile Fluke OTDR equipment for onsite calibration tests that are quick and accurate.

Though they have been in use for decades, fiber optic cables might still seem like a technology of the future, especially to those who aren’t all to familiar with how they work and their practical uses. But in the same way that everything from computers to massive production equipment needs to be monitored for proper calibration and efficiency, so too do fiber optic cables. Because of that, Fluke OTDR testing equipment can play an important role for many organizations looking to share data and communicate easily. More:

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