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The advent of fax machines in the 1980s, and electronic mail and scanners in the early 1990s, had impacted both the U.S. Postal service and privately owned parcel delivery companies, profoundly. Of course, the “impact’ of which we speak is decreased business. After all, why spend $10.00 to mail a one-ounce document to 20 different people when you can simply scan it and email in a matter of minutes for free?

Even though technology has decreased dependence on the postal service dramatically, there are still those times when businesses need a reliable courier and messenger services. For example, if the original copy of a vital legal document needs to be in the hands of a company’s attorney that very day, email and snail mail are worthless. For times like these, only the best courier services can guarantee delivery same day.

Of course, local delivery services are not only for emergencies, as many local business will contract with a dependable local courier or messenger service for daily delivery. This is because a reliable and cheap delivery service can be a more affordable local delivery alternative than paying postage on dozens of envelopes and parcels on a daily basis. As such, courier services utilized by large businesses and organizations, such as city government offices, hospitals, schools, and private businesses.

In addition to fast, dependable, and affordable services, many businesses and organization prefer the confidentiality and safe handling of their parcels that the top courier and messenger services can provide. These are things that many businesses feel that they simply cannot count on from the postal service; and that doesn’t even take into consideration the rising cost of postage.

Businesses that are looking for a faster, cheaper, and more dependable delivery alternative to the U.S. Postal Services should consider the advantages of a top courier service. In fact, the best couriers might be the only way businesses can guarantee that their parcels find their way into the right hands on time.

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