Facts On Civil Engineering

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There are a handful of industries that exist in the United States that are underappreciated by most people and yet are absolutely essential to the foundation of this country. These industries can include the medical industry, the industry of technology, and even the civil engineering.

When people think of civil engineering they most likely believe it is boring and unimportant and yet the exact opposite is true. Civil engineering means so much to the United States in terms of the foundational construction of the nation. Without civil engineering, this country would not have some of the most important structures that are used on a daily basis. Here is all of the important information that surrounds civil engineering.

Right now, just about 25% of all rainfall across the nation will become some type of groundwater. Groundwater is incredibly important to the flow of many streams and often, experts in civil engineering believe that lakes and streams are windows to the water table. Civil engineers are experts in terms of understanding surface water quality and environmental engineering works hard to help direct these streams to lakes.

The National Groundwater Association has gathered data pertaining to wells in residential areas. This data has revealed that nearly 500,000 new residential wells are built every year. Constructing these wells are incredibly important to help provide water for water supply systems that are used by nearly 8,000 groundwater contracting firms. So civil engineering is a big deal in the United States.

Civil engineers also work hard to try and keep pollution from hurting water sources. This is important because reports of water quality have been released that reveal 45% of all streams, 47% of all lakes, and 32% of all bays are polluted in some way. This water cannot be compromised by pollution because if that happens it will have a serious effect on how people live their lives.

Across the nation, American citizens will use over 2 billion pounds of pesticides each year. These pesticides serve a purpose for many Americans but can be incredibly harmful to the natural bodies of water that they may pollute. Most of the 2 billion pounds of pesticides used each year will end up washing into the rivers and lakes in residential areas which are damaging to the fish and animals that inhabit the area.

There are over 73 different kinds of pesticides that are found in groundwater across the nation. This is dangerous because this groundwater can end up as drinking water if the water is not properly filtered by people before they drink it. However, most people do not access to high-tech water filter tools that allow them to get the pesticides out of their water before consuming it.

In the year of 2015, nearly 33% of all electric power in the United States came from coal-fired power plants. Also, the United States Energy Information Administration released their Annual Coal Report in the year of 2015. This coal report revealed that 26,000 jobs were provided by these types of plants in certain areas of the country.

In Conclusion

The impact that civil engineering has in the United States is so hard to measure and explain and yet at the same time, it can be quite simple for people to understand. Without civil engineers, the United States would be in rough shape and would not have bridges and roadways that help make life easy for many of the people across the country. They are able to have access to great public pieces of work like dams as well that work to keep people safe from danger.

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