Extra, Extra Read All About the Amazing Benefits of Electronic Business, Church, and School Marquees

Gsa led sign

Nowadays, digital content is king in terms advertising and marketing for businesses and other entities, including churches and schools. Businesses and their carefully crafted brands are now able to communicate and interact with their demographics and target audiences in authentic, meaningful ways that were once never thought possible. For example, thanks to social media platforms, consumers have near instantaneous access to brands in such raw, direct ways that help to facilitate communications.

But that’s not to say that good ol’ fashioning advertising and marketing in the form of well thought out signage is no longer relevant. Quite the opposite in fact! Strong, eye-catching signage is a great way to create a cohesive brand that customers are able to relate to and understand. Crisp, high impact signage can help to reinforce and supplement your advertising and marketing initiatives being done online. It creates a sense of familiarity which is extremely important when attempting to create a sense of brand loyalty.

Whether they’re signs for government buildings in your area, signs for municipalities, outdoor church signs, or school marquees, digital signs for businesses are an important part of crafting an image and communicating that image to consumers in a way that they can understand and relate to. Signs for churches, schools, and businesses allow these groups to stand out in their given fields and reach audiences in meaningful ways. Think for example about the sense or pride you felt when viewing your school marquee light up during a sporting event or a PEP rally.

Electronic school marquees, for example, are a great outreach tool for school administrations in terms of outreach, even on a tight budget. And in addition to being affordable, electronic school marquees are also quite flexible and versatile in terms of programming and imagery. Anything you can imagine can be displayed on the school marquee, allowing it to be programmed with various themes and imagery depending on the event or season. Again, this helps to reinforce any digital advertising and marketing efforts you’re already doing online. Marquee signs for businesses work in the same way.

One of the brightest sides of marquee signs is the ability to get a business, school, or church noticed. LED marquee signs in particular are especially bright and can be mesmerizing with their array of dazzling imagery and text. They’re brighter than any other electronic marquee signs on the market. LED marquee signs are also highly visible, even in direct sunlight or in the middle of the day. Nothing can in the way of your message being communicated!

Marquee signs can also be used to communicate important community messages regarding health, awareness, weather warnings, and other pertinent information. Whether it’s promoting information about a community health issue such as an illness going around,
alerting drivers and community residents about inclement weather, or drumming up support for a community fundraising event, marquee signs are essential for effective communication.

They’re also a good way to display video. For example, a school marquee could display a clip of their star athlete scoring a winning point in a heated game while this same clip is also used online via their social media platforms. This helps to reinforce the spirited winning theme and may even make the clip go viral in the community and beyond. Video is an excellent form of content marketing because it’s highly visually engaging.

A marquee can also be a great way for an organization to craft it’s public image and make any adjustments as necessary. The outer appearance of an organization has everything to do with how it’s perceive on the outside as well as the work and message it conveys on the inside. Unfortunately, people do judge books by their covers and do the same for organizations in terms of curb appeal. Poor landscaping, crumbling infrastructure, litter, and other unsightly aesthetics can have a huge impact on the public’s perception of an organization, even if they’re doing amazing work in the community or have a strong message.

Invest in a stunning digital marquee today and let you’re consumers read all about it on the screen!

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