Exhaust Fans Have an Inexhaustible Amount of Uses

Industrial exhaust fan

Did you know that indoor air can often be more harmful than outdoor air? Stale air, allergens, and pollutants lurk within the home, and without proper ventilation thense air pollutants can cause harm or irritation to its occupants. Exhaust fans are used as a vital means of ventilation. For many spaces, such as bathrooms, hospitals, and restaurants, proper ventilation is key for providing high quality air to those that frequent and are serviced at these locations. For commercial spaces in particular, industrial exhaust fans provide a great deal of ventilation.
Here are three common uses for exhaust fans and the ways they provide ventilation:

  1. Bathrooms
  2. When it comes to bathrooms, mold, moisture, and mildew frequently build up. Because of this, ventilation is not only recommended, it is sometimes necessary. Moisture buildup accumulated on mirrors, sinks, tiles, and sometimes even underneath caulking. When this builds up for too long, mildew, mold spores and rot can occur. By using a bathroom exhaust fan, this issue can be easily avoided. In order to determine the size of the bathroom exhaust fan, measure the volume of the room and divide the measurement by five. For ceilings higher than eight feet, you may need additional vents.

  3. Kitchens
    All kitchens, particularly commercial kitchens, are susceptible to odors, smoke, and grease. Kitchen exhaust fans help to remove all of these things, plus moisture, from your kitchen environment. Not only does it make the kitchen a safer and cleaner space to be in, but you will enjoy crafting your culinary creations far more if your air quality is better!
  4. Chimney Fans
    Chimneys sure are useful during the winter, especially for when Santa comes to town. However, a poorly ventilated chimney puts homes at risk of poor ventilation, poor drafting, as well as smoke and odor invasion. To combat this, chimney exhaust fans are a simple, cost effective, and highly functional solution. They work by driving smoke up the chimney flue and away from your home.

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