Employers Can Keep Employees Longer With These Tips

There is a business in the United States designed to help others find business of their own: employment agencies. These companies will work with prospective employers and job hunters alike to find the perfect match of skills, experience, and even social media profiles with open jobs on the market, whether in the public or private sectors. In Texas, temporary agencies in Dallas carry out this work year-round.

The Facts of Employee Retention, or Lack Thereof

Employee retention is a major consideration at any private or public office. After all, employees are among the most important assets at any workplace, and losing them can be both expensive and troublesome to replace. In fact, around 57% of organizations believe that employee retention is a serious problem, and that concern is justified with a 22% rate of new hired quitting within 45 days of being first hired. Staffing your company is a job not to be taken lightly, and the good news is, temp services, staffing agencies, and more are there to help. Temporary agencies in Dallas, to begin with, are ready and willing to match employers with brand-new employees, matching skills and setting up interviews.

The Role of Employment Agencies

Both prospective employers and job hunters alike sometimes have trouble connecting in a meaningful way. Any employer can hire an employment agency or temp agency, to boost the hiring process. This is big business; according to How Stuff Works, 8.6 million workers are hired by means of staffing agencies per year, and 8.6 million contract and temporary workers are hired the same way. It can take anywhere from 30-45 days to fill a job opening, but staffing agencies can handle the dirty work and even cut down costs of the process. Recruiters seek candidates for regular jobs, and headhunters, or executive search firms, fill out senior management positions. Staffing agencies, by contrast, fill up temporary and contract positions, although some temp workers may be promoted to full-time employees if they are a good fit where they work. Temporary agencies in Dallas, in Houston, or nearby cities can help Texans find jobs fast. Similar services can be found in any state across the U.S.

How to Keep Those New Hires

Once a position is filled, with or without the help of an employment agency, managers and bosses face the challenge of retaining their employees for long-term employment. At Forbes, six general strategies are recommended, many of them based on employers keeping pace with their employees as they develop as workers. Feedback from the team for perceived value and contributions can go a long way, and empowering communication of entrepreneurial spirit and mutual trust can boost a worker’s confidence in their new workplace. Even transparency, if handled well, can keep an employee rooted to a company for years to come, when combined with these other strategies.

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