Effective Labeling Imperative to Heading Off Competition

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Just like all industries, the packaging industry is making leaps and bounds over what it was even a few years ago. The shrink sleeve label, for example, has changed the face of marketing and labeling. With 360 degree marketing, heat shrink sleeves seamlessly cover your packaging with whatever branding graphics your team can dream up.

The all encompassing shrink sleeve label is available for food, beverage, personal care and many other household packaging and bottle products. The custom product labels are also proven to drive marketing and brand awareness. With 360 degrees of eye catching food packaging labels, featuring branding graphics from top to bottom, your product can stand out on the shelf like a sore thumb.

A great way to grab market attention and top of mind awareness is when the consumer is already in the store. The heat shrink sleeve label permits graphic display on all sides of the bottle or package. It lets your product scream a little louder than its neighbor “Hi! I’m here! Pick me!”

Principles of labeling today that truly drive the customer’s final choice show a propensity toward either grassroots organic labeling or contemporary and seamless with clean lines. But as you know at this point, consumers change like the weather. The golden rules to label marketing is grabbing your consumers’ attention with a message to push their indecision toward your product.

If you enjoy top of mind awareness, your marketing department is well worth its cost. But if your lagging in the marketing department, a prominent shelf presence with a dynamic label is one of the best resources you can have. Successful packaging labels get your product attention and drive brand awareness to up your bottom line, and nothing encourages sales like brand awareness. Good references here: hammerpackaging.com

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