Education is the Key to Employment in the New Economy

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When it comes to the job search, it can be a classic case of the glass being half empty or half full. Job seekers should learn early on that the key to a successful job search is to search smarter, not harder. In other words, it’s important to determine what are the qualifications that employers value, and then how to attain these. Many employers also offer on the job training, since this is a long term investment in their own productivity and competitiveness.

Education is the key
Education and training are the keys to success in the new economy. As technology advances rapidly, the job market is being transformed. Those who can adapt to the new technology will have the edge when it comes to hiring. In fact employers consistently state that the one quality they value most in employees is education.
It’s estimated that over the next ten years, more than 70% of the hew jobs that will be added to California’s economy will be concerted to the STEM or science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Employment and education go together, and it has never been more true than in the present day.

On the job training
With the emphasis on education and technology, many employers are finding it worthwhile to help their employees gain the qualifications and knowledge they need to succeed. By offering on the job training, they contribute to the development of their workforce and to their own future productivity and competitiveness.
Given the rapidly changing nature of the job market, it is estimated that nearly three-fourths or 73% of the new jobs in Shasta County will necessitate on-the-job training in the short or medium term. Job seekers too should tweak their expectations and job searches, and make it clear to potential employers that they are open to retraining.

Who’s hiring in Shasta County
Health care and social assistance are two sectors in Shasta County that have been adding new jobs. Since 2010, these two sectors have accounted for 2,600 new jobs. There’s also a demand for computer controlled machine operators. By 2024, the demand for these workers is expected to expand by 100% in Shasta county.
Other areas where job growth is expected to expand in the next five years are personal care aides, fast food and counter workers and register nurses. Many employers go to job fairs looking for qualified or motivated individuals. Attending such events should be part of every job search.

As the economy claws its way back out of a long recession, the job market is picking up again. It is a very different landscape from what it was earlier, and job seekers will have to modify their job searches accordingly. Looking for a job in the new economy is a whole new ball game, and the key is adaptability and education.

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