Eco-Friendly, Flexible And Accessible Why Shipping Containers Are Becoming The New Portable Office

The shipping container is one of the most flexible resources we have today.

It can be used for just about anything. Transporting food, materials and heavy equipment from country to country. Creating a mobile office for temporary workers that need a comfortable place to conduct research. You can even craft a shipping container house. The benefit of cargo container modifications is only becoming better known in today’s increasingly eco-friendly world, with businesses and customers alike wanting materials that can be easily reused. Over the next few years the shipping container house and mobile office won’t just be seen as a particularly clever way of doing things.

It very well may just become the standard.

Did You Know?

Shipping containers aren’t just limited to your average docking bay. They’re just about everywhere. It’s estimated over 675 shipping containers are lost at sea every single year. One study revealed 95% of the world’s cargo moves by ship. Despite these higher costs, it makes more financial sense to transport goods in high volumes. Your standard TEU container can hold over 3,500 shoe boxes, while your 40 foot high cube can hold over 8,000 shoe boxes. Perhaps the most interesting fact on the list are just how many uses a single shipping container can give us.

Climate Controlled Containers Remain Comfortable, Reliable Options

Sometimes companies don’t have the time or resources to create entirely new buildings for projects. Sometimes they just need to use a location for a few months before sending their workers elsewhere. The shipping container house is a great way to have the best of both worlds, providing workers with a comfortable environment that’s still roomy enough to let them conduct their work effectively. Studies by Jacobs (a major design and workspace construction firm) have shown the average individual workstation has shrunk from 80 square feet in 1992 to just 40 square feet these past few years.

Shipping Containers Are Eco-Friendly And Easily Recycled

A major source of appeal of the shipping container house or office container are the eco-friendly aspects. The shipping container is just a smart way of reusing materials without sacrificing quality, a win-win in the eyes of any modern business. For each recycled shipping container we are reusing around 3,500kg worth of steel, also saving on the labor and costs that go into traditional building materials. These include bricks, mortar, plastic, wood and various metals. Even better? Shipping containers last a long time, with some studies showing regular maintenance and cleaning can have a single storage container reaching 20 years.

There Are More Than Enough Shipping Containers To Go Around

As if mobile office containers couldn’t get any better, there’s also the simple fact of their prevalence. There are more than enough to be used for all of our daily needs. One study estimated as many as 17 million shipping containers in the world, with just six million in active use. That’s as many as 11 million shipping containers being unused and sitting around, all of which could be turned into shipping container houses and mobile offices. Some of the world’s biggest containers even exceed 1,200 feet long.

The Future Of Mobile Office Containers

The future is green, flexible and accessible. These are the fundamental ingredients that go into the shipping container house, office container and eco-friendly shipping solution. When your business wants to stay ahead of the curve while still upholding the basic ideals that go into a cost-effective business model, look no further than cargo container modifications. They can more than accommodate your temporary workers with supplemental amenities while still recycling essential materials. With a little extra care and maintenance? These can even be used for decades.

Embrace the new standard. See for yourself how a portable office can leave a positive impact everywhere you go.

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