Eco Flooring Options

When you are building or buying a new (or preowned) home, there are many considerations that you must make. Is the home big enough? Will it suit your family, particularly if it is growing? Is it in a neighborhood that you like? Does it suit your price point and keep you within your budget? And finally – will you be conducting any renovations? Replacing the floor for an environmentally friendly wood flooring option in a home is a common renovation done in the United States, as laminate floors, hardwood floors, and carpet each offer their own benefits. Each types of flooring fills a different need, and the type of flooring that is chosen will vary from home to home and even from room to room (though this may depend on the flooring budget as well as the size of the house, condo, or apartment itself). Eco friendly flooring options are becoming more and more common, as they can reduce indoor pollution, which can be around three times the level of outdoor pollutants considerably.

This is hugely important, as the average person is likely to spend as much as ninety percent of their time inside. Those who have compromised immune systems, the elderly population, and babies are likely to spend even more time inside, where pollutants can be even more exacerbating. Unfortunately, these pollutants are likely to effect such populations even more severely, and so environmentally friendly wood floors are ideal. Environmentally friendly wood floors represent only one option of environmentally friendly building products as well, which include eco friendly paint primers and low VOC bonding adhesives that are becoming more and more common on the market.

For such places as the bathroom or the kitchen, tile flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices, along with environmentally friendly wood floors. Environmentally friendly wood floors are unique, as they are popular and commonly found in rooms throughout a home, whereas carpet and tile (as well as laminate flooring) have almost designated places in which they are deemed appropriate. And environmentally friendly wood floors are by and large one of the most popular flooring choices offer. Environmentally friendly wood flooring is commonly added to a home right before it is put up on the market. Making a choice to add this to a home and to replace the existing flooring can actually raise the overall market price of the home and the final amount that the home sells for, as around fifty percent of all prospective home owners said that they would be willing to or would consider paying more for a home that had quality hardwood flooring throughout – or even just in part – of the house.

Environmentally friendly wood floors are particularly ideal over carpet in the kitchen, where nearly one hundred percent of all home owners (around ninety percent, to be more precise) is the preferred type of flooring. Laminate is also popular, for its low cost and durability. In fact, if it is well cared for, laminate can last for longer than a decade. Laminate can also come in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easily customizable for your home decor scheme.

From carpet to laminate to wood, flooring choices are vast. Many people have distinct preferences when it comes to their flooring, and different flooring can be ideal for different homes and even just different rooms. For instance, carpet is the flooring option of choice when it comes to bedrooms. Living rooms are also often carpeted. However, it is rare that you will find a carpeted bathroom or kitchen, in which laminate or hardwood flooring is typically preferred. For bathrooms, tile is often chosen for its durability and ease of maintenance, as it is easy to clean and keep up. But no matter what you choose, choose the type of flooring that best suites the needs of your home and everyone in your family.

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