E-Mail, Social Media And Advertisements Knowing Your Digital Marketing Strategies

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How caught up are you on the realm of digital marketing? Consider the ever-evolving nature of this technological titan, now able to reach millions of people in an instant and completely changing the economic landscape as we know it. Any business worth its salt has to be caught up on e-mail marketing, social media, animated advertisements and digital banners, to say the very least of what’s available nowadays. Even the presentation of your website can mean the difference between success and a dipping monthly gross. Below is a comprehensive list of different digital marketing techniques, so take a read if your branding could use a touch-up!

Daily Advertising

Did you know the year 2015 saw more than $180 billion sunk into advertising alone? This includes freelancers, small businesses and large companies alike. A significant portion of this is digital marketing, though traditional print and paper methods still haven’t quite fallen out of favor. Companies will spend, on average, 25% of their total marketing budgets on digital means — this figure has jumped to 75% in recent years, however, and cemented the importance of a constant e-presence.

Social Media

More and more businesses hop onto third-party social media platforms every day to connect with their customer base and expand their reach. However, surveys have shown as many as 80% of consumers reporting they’ve had a bad experience with social media marketing! Knowing how to connect with customers is crucial, as the Internet is constantly updating and something new and fresh can seem old within a mere few days. While a Twitter or Instagram account can do you wonders, remember that it’s all in how you use it.

E-Mail Marketing

Even now one of the most effective and consistent forms of digital advertisement is e-mail marketing, leading the pack with one of the highest ROI, yet only 8% of companies have an e-mail marketing team. This technique is prime for maintaining a repeat client base, with additional rewards such as discounts or insider info. When over half of all companies use digital marketing but don’t have a concrete plan in place, it’s time to make some changes! This can even include a simple but necessary conversion to mobile-friendly access.

Mobile Devices

Converting your website to be mobile-friendly is an often neglected factor, but one that should be put high on the priority list as tablets and iPhones lead the digital charge. A whopping 62% of companies that converted to mobile-friendly websites saw a significant increase in sales, unsurprising considering the constant rise in advanced phones and hardware. This change can take less than a day and see your business making much more money down the road.

Consumer Habits

Even the best digital marketing team won’t get very far without taking into consideration the needs and concerns of their client base. The average buyer will consult 11 consumer reviews before buying a product, so maintaining a positive reputation is everything! Over 40% of people will abandon a web page entirely if it takes more than three seconds to load, to boot, meaning a little truly goes a long way with online marketing.

Creating Your Website

Following these rule of thumbs when crafting your website will help immensely in putting your best foot forward and encouraging repeat customers. One, your website needs to tell customers what you do in three seconds or less — avoid memory-hungry animations or advertisements! Some websites have even seen a 100% difference spike depending on how accessible they were. A study showed that 90% of customers say a good experience is paramount to their repeated investment, so establishing the basics early on will yield the most out of your digital marketing. Last, but not least, remember to update your website every two years to reflect modern technology. Where will you start today with your digital marketing solution?

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