Drug Free Workplace Policy

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American companies average a loss of 1.4 billion dollars every year due to employees experiencing the common symptoms of a hangover. This may be a surprising number for most people, but the fact of the matter is a drug free workplace policy can reduce the amount of money a company can lose from employees abusing drugs and alcohol. New studies show that around 11.5 percent of part time employees abuse drugs on a regular basis. A drug free workplace policy is needed to deal with these problems. A drug free policy must be DOT compliance, which is a standard set by DOT compliance services.

Employers can receive Dot compliance training to develop a drug free program that is effective. It’s important to note the majority of problems involve alcohol come from light users. Light to moderate drinkers make up 87 percent of alcohol related problems in the workplace. During 2010, over 1 million people used some type of hallucinogenic drug. The importance of a drug free workplace policy should never be understated. Developing a drug free workplace program is needed for the increased number of incidences in the workplace involving drugs and alcohol. Over one fifth of teenagers used some type of drug at their friend’s house or their own home.

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