DOT Training Course Information, Hazardous Materials, and More

Working with hazardous wastes is serious work and needs to be approached with respect and caution. As a result, when hazardous materials ship across the country and the globe, only trained workers can handle them. Therefore, there is a lot of value in a DOT training course for these workers.

The Department of Transportation has broken hazardous cargo down into 9 classes. Department of Transportation, or DoT, places rules and regulations on hazardous materials for a serious reason. That way, these hazardous materials are not likely to hurt people or the environment by spilling out or being mishandled. After all, that would be a national disaster for the Department of Transportation.

Just about 40 hours of training is required by the OSHA and in some cases, workers need to have licenses that are specific to each state. So it is easy to understand how serious a DOT training course can be. Here are more facts on this hazardous waste and how it is handled.

Hazardous Materials Need to Be Carefully Handled

Each year, nearly 3 million tons of hazardous materials ship across the country to and from different locations. All of this hazardous material must be cautiously shipped to prevent a dangerous situation from unfolding. Therefore, the role of a DOT training course cannot be overstated in terms of importance and more.

About 94% of daily hazmat shipments are done by truck. Therefore, these trucks must be secured and the workers inside need the proper training. After all, flammable liquids such as gasoline are the most transported hazardous material in the United States. As a result, it needs to be protected from flames or else people can be put into the line of danger.

Transportation Industries Are Really Important

Approximately 11 billion tons of freight is shipped more than 250 billion miles across the United States by trucks annually. Sometimes this freight includes dangerous materials but sometimes it includes valuable commodities that average Americans use. No matter the material, drivers, and workers need the proper DOT training course instructions before hitting the open road.

Recent data shows that nearly $1,700 billion in Electronics is shipped across the country each year. As a result, there is great value in a DOT training course for people who use electronics often. That way, their products are safely transported without any issue!

In Conclusion

Hazardous waste management certification is a must for drivers and delivery workers. A worker with a hazmat certification needs to make sure it is a DOT hazmat certification from DOT hazmat training.

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