Don’t Waste Time Looking for the Perfect Office Space

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Are you an entrepreneur with a small team of employees? Chances are, you are already looking for a professional office space to rent for your start-up to settle into, or you will be soon. In the U.S., small businesses number over 28 million. A small business, according to the Small Business Association, or SBA, is one that has 500 employees or less. Their office space needs are different from a larger business. Find out how listings of executive office space can help below.

Flexible terms are an essential feature for those companies who rent office space. Companies can be any size, really. A person working from home might be their own company, and need an professional setting to hold meetings for an hour or two a few times a month. Other companies may be invigorated start-ups who while driven, are not 100% positive they will be around in another two years. Shorter lease terms would fit their distinct needs.

A boost in creativity is seen in employees who work in open-plan spaces with color. Studies show the right lighting, ambient noise, and even temperature all affect work performance. Unsure of your interior decorating abilities? There are specialists who have made it their job to know. The National Center for Biotechnology Information, or NCBI, concluded in a 2005 study on color and work performance that certain colors have a positive or negative effect on employee output and job satisfaction. The study measured a four week period in a blue-green room or a red room. Workers in the red room had lower levels, the blue-green room higher. So if you plan to rent office space for a quarter of the year or longer, be aware of the color of the office decorations.

Commercial space for rent can give you a “no worries” experience when moving into a new office. Rental price is not the only cost to compute. Office supplies, furniture, electrical, and cleaning are all expenses that crop up. Some people enjoy line-iteming each part of running a business; others, not as much. If you fall into the latter category, an executive office space comes with everything taken care of in one price each week or month, depending on your lease terms.

Decide what would work best for your company. Know that no matter how small, there are options out there. More on this.

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