Do You Have a Reliable Machine Shop for the Repairs You Need in Your Business

If you ever wondered how the construction industry was doing, you simply need to take a drive through your neighborhood. One pass down any block, in fact, will convince you that things are booming. From the excavator drive motors that are running at full capacity to dig new basements for the remaining open lots in the subdivision to the final drive motors for a Bobcat that are moving stacks of shingles at homes that have again been damaged by hail, it is clear that thins are going well.

Whether you are looking for a new John Deere final drive travel motor or you are looking for a place to repair an older pair of travel motors, you likely need to do your research and place your orders and schedule your shop work sooner rather than later. In a time when the construction economy is strong in many parts of the country, in fact, there are some dealers who recommend that you place your John Deere final drive travel motors at least six months in advance.

The Power of Earth Moving and Lifting Equipment Depends on the Quality of the Drive Motor

Final drive motor parts and repair are an important part of many industries, especially the construction field. In fact, in the year 2009 alone, the revenue of machinery maintenance and heavy equipment repair services in the U.S. totaled nearly $29 billion. Consider some of these other facts and figures about the many ways that the final drive motor industry impacts the economy of the construction and other economies:

  • To maintain the equipment that you have, final drive gear oil should be checked about every 100 hours of operation or once a month.
  • In addition, final drive gear oil should be changed at least once a year
  • 426,000 is the number of jobs in the construction equipment operation industry.
  • Compact, mid-size, and large eare the three sizes that excavators come in.
  • They can weigh anywhere between 3,790 pounds and 188,716 pounds.
  • Predictions for 2017 indicated that it was expected that nearly 809,000 construction machines would be sold globally.

The latest research indicates that the construction equipment industry is expected to grow 12% from 2016 to 2026. Part of this growth will include the repair of final drive travel motors, as well as the purchase of new.

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