Disability Services Can be Challenging to Find in Some Parts of the Country

The scratches on the table are a reminder of one of your favorite tutoring students ever. You did not realize at the time that you accepted the job that you would be working with a student who was receiving Autism services during the school day because the parent said he was just looking for a summer tutor. Upon arriving for the first session, however, you were surprised to find out that they new tutoring student was non verbal. In fact, it was not a surprise to you that the father later explained that there were many details that he had not shared. In the past, however, the father had found a difficult time finding a tutor for his son.

Although the tutoring student was non verbal, the two of you had an immediate connection. Even though it took awhile to to make get to a point where the student could work for a full hour, you were able to communicate pretty well through written questions and answers, as well as facial expressions that were pretty easy to read most of the time. When the father and his son arrived the first time, the father insisted that the student use a thick spiral notebook. You did not realize until too late that the reason for the thick notebook was because the student often fixated on a single task, like drawing heavy circle after heavy circle. On your own paper, with a dark pen, before you knew it there were scratches on the table that would be difficult to repair.
Finding the Right Autism Services Can be a Challenge

Both educational options for a teenager and personal care services for an adult can be a challenge if you are the care giver of an individual who requires Autism services. The disconnect between the intelligence of someone on the Autism spectrum and the ability to successfully interact in social settings, in fact, is a bridge that does not always get easier with age. Fortunately, a growing number of home health aides are trained in working with clients who are on the Autism spectrum. Providing a way for an adult client to live on his own, these aides are serving a need that continues to grow in our community.

The latest research indicates that as many as 5.4% of school age children in the U.S. have at least one form of disability that requires them to get additional services. Finding an environment where these needs are met, however, is not always easy. In some places, like Alaska, for instance, the need can be even more difficult to meet because the need is greater. In fact, as many as 13.4% of Alaskan students are in a special needs program at school, a percentage that is much higher than the numbers in the lower 48.
Whether you are attempting to find someone who can help you make sure that your student gets the intellectual challenge that is needed in the summer or you are looking for adult services for a child with Autism, it is important to make sure that you trust those who will be providing the necessary care.

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