Digital Marketing From Building A Website To Designing A Social Media Campaign

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In this day and age, it’s virtually impossible to market a business, product, or service without some kind of presence online. Most consumers research a product or business online before deciding whether or not to move forward. They do so not only on their desktop computers, but their mobile devices — it can be easy for people to make a decision within a matter of seconds when surfing online. With that being said, it’s crucial for a website to remain up to date. Some business owners believe that it’s enough to simply have a website, updating it every now and then; but that just isn’t the case anymore. It doesn’t matter how old — or young — your website is. Within a matter of two years, it can become antiquated if you don’t keep up with changes in the industry. That can be a big task for some — which is why they turn to digital marketing experts. Digital marketing teams can help manage websites, come up with new solutions for old problems, and even generate advertising for your business. For that matter, a digital marketing team makes it possible for you to focus on your business, while they take care of things like social media marketing and even website design.

How Important Is Website Design?

Some business owners are surprised to discover that digital marketing teams handle website designs as much as they do generalized advertising. The fact is that while your website is a point of contact for consumers and an informative tool, it’s also in itself a form of advertising. For example, if your site’s design makes it accessible from a computer but not a mobile device, someone looking for your business on their phone or tablet may get frustrated and abandon the idea of investing in you before they even read about your business. This is why 62$% of companies with mobile-accessible websites saw an increase in sales after making “the move” to mobile. This doesn’t meant that you should abandon your traditional website — simply that it needs to work on every type of device that can access the Internet. For that matter, a website that looks fresh and up to date reflects well on a company, with 46% of consumers saying that a website’s design is their number one criterion for establishing a company’s credibility. If you leave your website looking old-fashioned and out of date, consumers will assume the same about your company.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Today, digital marketing teams put a lot of time and money into social media. This is for a number of reasons. For one thing, the people who use social media are extremely varied, meaning that using social media makes it much easier for a company to access the demographic it needs. Social media is something everyone can use, and usually for free — making a social media marketing campaign quite far-reaching. There are also so many different types of social marketing available in this day and age. Some forms of social media are favored by those in their twenties, while others are more commonly used by older adults with families. Social media campaigns are also easier and cheaper to make, while retaining a polished appearance. Even the simple use of a social media campaign ca make your company appear more forward-thinking, ahead of the game rather than at the back of the pack.

Why Use Professionals?

You may wonder — why should I work with a professional digital marketing team? Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply learn how to apply these techniques myself? Ask yourself this question: would you build a house on your own, rather than work with professionals? No — of course not. In the same sense, you need to work with professionals when designing your website or planning a digital marketing campaign. When you work with professionals, you’ll be more likely to get the results you want — while spending less money than you would if you were on your own.

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