Data Center Racks By the Numbers

Kmm server

Data center racks are incredibly important for the functioning computer and network centers, and it’s nearly impossible to determine how many businesses depend on the functioning of computer servers in order to carry out their daily business routines.

Most people don’t know a whole lot about data center racks, but they’re actually pretty cool and you might just be surprised by how big this industry is! Listed below are a few numbers that elucidate the importance of server enclosures and dell server racks:

  • $14 billion: The amount of money that the computer server industry (including used computer servers) generates every single year in sales revenue.
  • 9,566: The estimated number of people employed by the computer server industry in the U.S., which is certainly a lot of jobs!
  • 334: The number of computer server manufacturing companies that exist in the U.S. today. The computer server industry has grown so quickly and is used by so many businesses that it’s necessary for so many manufacturers to exist.
  • 36%: The percentage by which energy usage in the U.S. increased between 2005 and 2010. Not only is important to make sure that there’s enough power to serve business’s needs, but it’s also important to make this equipment as eco-friendly as possible as energy demands continue to grow.
  • One 23-inch server rack: Just one of these racks can hold anywhere from 42 servers to hundreds of servers, depending on the needs of the businesses.
  • 68 to 72: The ideal temperature (in Fahrenheit degrees) that a server rack room should have in order to ensure that the servers run properly.

The computer server rack industry may seem a bit confusing, but it’s one of the most important industries right now because so many businesses depend on trustworthy and secure computer servers! References.

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