Custom Steel Shipping Containers Are Great Work Spaces

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Starting a business can be a complicated process, and one of the hardest decisions is where to house the operation. Is it best to run a business from a storefront, rent an office space, or keep the business operations at home? The location of a business creates both limitations and opportunities, and that is why a steel shipping container may be the best option.
Building a portable office container is a great way to avoid being tied down to one location. The business can travel anywhere that the owner wants to go. And the cost of renting is much higher than that of purchasing a used steel shipping container.
As the times continue to change, how to run a sustainable business is among the chief concerns of young business people today. Building a workplace, studio, or pop-up concession stand out of a used steel shipping container is a creative way to stay ?green?.
This is particularly effective for micro-businesses ? a business with 5 or fewer employees ? and artists. A 40-foot shipping container has 320 square-feet of usable space. This is more than enough space for an artist?s studio or small office container.
Bigger is better does not apply when talking about the well-being of employees and their performance. It may seem obvious that environment has a huge effect on productivity, but companies are still throwing their employees in a cubicle lined room with 60 other workers and expecting them to feel comfortable. Research has shown that as the number of employees working in a space rises so does the amount of sick leave taken.
The solution could be a smaller, customizable workspace. A steel shipping container is perfect for creating a space where workers can thrive. It doesn?t have to be a stark steel box. On the contrary, custom containers can be retrofitted with climate control, light fixtures, windows and doors, and various other conveniences. But it isn?t all about the necessities.
Office containers and art spaces can be customized to appeal to the senses as well. Imagine a portable space that can be easily tailored to the owners specifications. Whether it be simply painting the walls different colors or turning the far wall into a projection screen for meetings or movie time breaks, steel shipping containers are an adaptable space.
And in the agriculture world, farmers are growing an acre of produce in a single shipping container. Talk about sustainable! This is just another example of what can be done with creativity and a custom container.
There are 20 million steel shipping containers currently moving across the planet. Each one could be turned into whatever the potential owner desires. The creative possibilities are endless!

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