Crucial Advice on Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mailing companies

If you think that you get a lot of advertising materials in your mail box, you are not alone. Actually, marketing experts estimate that up to 80% of the mail that most Americans receive daily consists of credit card offers, sales circulars, real estate direct mail postcards, or other types of advertisements.

Direct mail marketing companies
have been a standard part of business advertising since the late 19th century. Montgomery Ward was one of the first companies to utilize direct mail campaigns when it sent out the first Montgomery catalog in 1872. Some two decades later, the first postcard advertisement was mailed to promote Columbia Exposition, which took place in Chicago in 1893. Direct mail postcards would soon become a fundamental advertising medium, and would continue to be for more than a century.

Despite the increasing importance of internet marketing beginning in the mid-1990s, direct mailing companies continue to play a crucial role for many of the top companies in the United States. This is because postcard marketing continues to be an affordable advertising method for businesses hoping to reach thousands of customers and prospects. In fact, a recent study revealed that American advertisers send out an estimated 90 billion pieces of advertising-related mail annually!

The visual aspect of direct mail postcards makes them an excellent marketing tool for businesses intent on attracting the attention of specially targeted demographics, real estate direct mail postcards have been particularly effective. Marketing research has shown that postcard advertisements are more likely to elicit the attention of recipients than the most common types of electronic advertising.

While print advertising via “snail mail” may seen antiquated within today’s digital age, studies show that the public still responds well to print advertising. Of course, businesses need to develop the most diverse approach possible to their marketing campaigns, postcard marketing should continue being a part of them.

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