Cool Things You Can Do With Bubble Wrap

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If you’ve got cheap mailers lying around, you probably only keep them there to pop the bubble wrap on the inside. But did you know that you could use that bubble wrap for other things? Here are some ideas for how you can repurpose that old bubble wrap without wasting it.

Just sleep on it – Next time you’re out camping, use bubble wrap to line the bottom of your sleeping bag (or the whole tent). It’ll make it a little less uncomfortable to sleep on the ground, and you can use your body to steamroll all those bubbles to pop them with maximum efficiency.

Keeping it chill – This one is a brilliant example of common sense. Lining your refrigerator crisper drawers with bubble wrap will keep your produce fresh longer, and can help prevent bruising when you rip the drawer open to get at all those baby carrots and grapes.

Keeping it warm – Taping bubble wrap to the inside of your windows can give you some makeshift insulation. It’ll save you a ton of money on heating costs, but make sure you get some curtains or blinds if you don’t want people asking any questions about why there’s bubble wrap all over your window.

Don’t just sit there! – Next time you’re at a sporting game, or just taking a nice stroll around the park, cushion that bench with some trusty bubble wrap. It may seem a little silly, but it’ll save you some back pain, and people will definitely want to copy your idea.

Next time you’re at the office supply store (hunting for laser printer labels and spiral notebook graph paper and bulk 3 ring binders, no doubt), pick up some cheap mailers and wholesale bubble envelopes. There’s no limit to your bubble-related creativity.

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