Commercial Document Destruction The Key to Your Protection

Residential shredding service

It is important to keep yourself as protected as possible. What would you do after just buying a car? Look into car insurance. After all, there are many dangers out there, and it’s best to find a way to protect yourself from the possibilities of those dangers. The same should be said for all other things in life. From cars to paper, protecting yourself is always a priority.

Did you know that print documents are the cause of 90% of identity theft cases? Did you know that the 2015 State of the Industry Information Security reported that about 10 thousand pieces of paper were used by the regular office worker? Imagine that each one of those papers is an opportunity for identity theft. Wouldn’t you want to be protected from that? But how? The answer is commercial document destruction.

Yes, that’s right. Paper shredding. Paper shredding services can protect you. When Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the USA with billions of dollars going into it, you don’t want your money to be included. Remember that a commercial document can sometimes become a liability. In 2014 the Office of Management and Budget reported that about 25% of identity theft claims were due to mishandled paper documents.

Why do you need commercial document destruction and document shredding services? When you have a problem you go to professionals. When the sink is broken, you call the plummer. When you need to protect your car, you call an insurance agency. The same can be said for the destruction service.

In addition to all the talk about your protection, think about the Earth’s protection. After all, about 35% of waste is paper based. If we were to shred that paper up and recycle we could help protect the world’s ecosystem. Now not only are commercial documents a liability for the work force, but they are also susceptible for harming the environment. Let’s be honest, where do those documents go besides being lost in work bins or at a landfill? This way, everyone wins.

Commercial shredding services are not only a viable solution to your needs for commercial document destruction, but they’re also convenient and efficient way to help run an office space. These services offer protection and convenience. They offer you a helping, protective hand.