Colorful Concrete Could be a Great Idea for Businesses Looking for an Upgrade

Asphalt driveway

Although the average life expectancy for a properly installed driveway can be as many as 50 years, sometimes minor maintenance issues can force homeowners to choose between driveway repairs and complete replacement for larger concrete repair issues. Sunken driveways can occur either due to normal wear and tear or due to improper compaction of the earth underneath the driveway during the initial installation process.

Most driveways are between nine and 18 feet wide, and experts recommend that new driveways have an incline of at least one-quarter inch per foot. A driveway contractor should be able to consult with homeowners before new driveway installations to make sure that the slope and positioning of the new concrete driveway is appropriate.

Sunken driveways have the potential to become hazardous if repairs are not addressed in a timely fashion. Sometimes a tree root or animal may tunnel underneath an existing driveway. Smaller sunken spots may be the first sign that major repairs are needed, and contractors may be able to inject small amounts of concrete into cracks or holes that do not indicate a need for larger repairs.

Sometimes, driveway paving stones may become damaged due to heavy use or inclement weather conditions, and contractors should be able to address these issues as well. Most driveways are concrete, asphalt, or pavers, and homeowners who notice heavy wear and tear may want to investigate the possibility of yearly driveway sealant applications as a preventative measure.

There are some homeowners who choose to undertake a complete driveway replacement, even in the absence of any major repair issues. The advent of colored concrete allows interested homeowners to choose from over 250 different options for the color of their new driveways. Since driveways, front porches, and pools can now be color-coordinated to match and complement the color of a home, many concrete contractors have experienced a rise in the numbers of customers who want to undertake major projects at home.

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