Proper Steps To Follow When You Donate Clothes To Charity

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Various surveys have shown that more than 95% of Americans participate in some form of charitable giving, whether it’s money or donations. In 2014 alone, more than $350 billion was giving to charitable organizations.

While there are many good reasons to donate to charity and many reputable charities to donate to, but it seems one of the most overlooked groups in needs are U.S. veterans. These folks risked their lives to protect the freedoms of average Americans. In many cases, they had suffered life-altering injuries or had a hard time adjusting to everyday life when they returned home.

If you donate household items, you’re getting rid of things you don’t need and giving them to folks who could make better use of them. In many cases, your rarely or gently household items or can go a long way in helping those in need.

This is especially true of clothing. When it comes to veterans clothing donations, there’s no better donation to make because the numbers are staggering w

Donate Clothes! How Donating Impacts Your Community

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Charitable donation

When it comes to helping the environment and our fellow human beings, donating is one of the best choices you can make. Americans throw away millions of clothes every year with 10.5 million tons of it ending up in landfills.

By making a charitable donation every couple of months, a few times a year, or even once a year you can help create a lasting impact on the environment and your local community.


When you donate clothes, you keep your clothing from building up in landfills. Nearly 100% of household clothing and textiles can be recycled, but Americans only recycle up to 15%. As a result, resources are wasted on making more clothing for stores