Making and Using Plastic Jugs for Commercial Purposes

Written by Fred on . Posted in Clear plastic containers, Custom plastic bottle maker, Extrusion blow molding plastic jugs

Solids and liquids need somewhere to be stored for commercial and home use, and many types of containers exist today to keep all kinds of materials contained conveniently and safely. Metal barrels or even old-fashioned wooden barrels can be used for oil, wine, water, or sand, or even waste materials. Logos and names can be spray–painted onto them, and other containers can also have labels on them to identify the container’s contents, storage suggestions, and even hazard warnings if need be. Commercial plastic jugs, clear plastic jugs, or other containers might have harmful chemicals such as pesticides in them, or they may contain flammable materials that should be kept away from heat sources. Today, the rise of plastic means that many items for everyday or commercial use are held inside of commercial plastic jugs, and a custom plastic container or col