Caring for Your Pet How Vets are Helping Pet Parents Step Up

Reminder postcards

As a social species we thrive off of interaction with one another. Society makes us stronger as a whole and allows access to benefits we could never dream of should we live divided from one another. In addition to socializing with others of our kind, our ancestors have laid down the foundation for domestication that allows us to interact and live with a number of different animals. Some of these animals are used to help make work easier, others are used exclusively as livestock, and others yet are just there to offer comfort and companionship as pets.

Pets Across the Nation

An estimated 63% of all households across the nation owns a pet of some kind. Exotic pets include chinchillas, spiders, snakes, lizards, turtles, tropical fish, hedgehogs, birds, and others. By far the most common pets in the U.S. are dogs and cats; there are 88.3 million owned cats in the United States and 74.8 million owned dogs. Taking care of a pet is a responsibility not unlike that of a parent as pet owners must ensure that their pet maintains a balanced diet, gets plenty of exercise, and regularly has check-ups at the veterinarian. The average dog owner spends around $219 every year on veterinarian visits with the average cat owner spending slightly less. Unfortunately, many Americans forget to schedule an appointment for their pet.

Common Forgetfulness and Our Pets

Forgetfulness is a part of life, unfortunately it can be a potentially disastrous element of everyday life in some cases. Studies suggest that 39% of the American population forget one basic piece of information or lose one everyday item over the course of a single week. Because of this, many veterinarians are taking the initiative by sending out veterinary reminder cards to pet owners when it is time for a basic check-up for their pet. It is estimated that dogs and cats should have at least one veterinarian appointment every year to ensure that everything is well; by the age of 10 vets advise pet owners to schedule two vet visits every year as a pet’s risk of developing an illness increases significantly with old age.

Never Forget a Prescription Again

When it comes to medicating a pet there are very specific instructions that pet owners ought to follow. For instance, many pet owners cease to administer prescription antibiotics to their pets once they seem to be feeling better, yet without completing the treatment your pet suffers an increased risk of simply getting sick once again. Many vets take great care in choosing prescription bags that are customized to allow the vet to directly write the instructions on the prescription bags. Veterinary prescription bags and custom veterinary prescription pads are two ways that vets are helping pet owners make responsible decisions in caring for the life, health, and comfort of their pets. By remembering to schedule an annual visit to the vet and to take steps to obey veterinary prescriptions, pet owners can help ensure that their pet has a long and healthy life for years to come.

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