Blister Packaging The Best Kept Packaging Secret


You’ve probably dealt with blister packaging many, many times — without even realizing what is it. In fact, you may have gotten in a few fights with some less-than-friendly medical packaging materials, and really wished that it didn’t exist. But blister packaging isn’t just intended to keep your medications safe — it’s also intended to keep you safe.

  • Blister packaging is most often used in the packaging of pharmaceuticals; in some cases, it’s even required by pharmaceutical companies. This type of packaging is sometimes described as a “web,” since it’s made of little pockets that contain each dose of medication. The main benefit of pharmaceutical blister packaging is that each dose is measured out and is kept safe throughout the entire storage, distribution, and sales process.
  • Plastic blister pouches usually have a laminated paper strip on the back which are child-proof, but can still be opened easily by an adult. The companies that produce pharmaceuticals often advocate for this medical packaging design because it’s easy to track lot numbers and expiration dates right on the package. This ensures quality control and safety from the time the medication is packaged, to the moment a consumer opens it up.
  • Although it seems like pharmaceutical blister packaging is a pretty straightforward type of packaging, there are actually many ways to customize and personalize the packages. Companies have the ability to customize everything from color, to style, to container options — all without having to worry about quality and safety. Each package is created and produced with the utmost care to make sure that it perfectly protects the medication, no matter how much or how little the package is customized.

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