Best Water Systems for Home and Family

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There are a number of reasons to have a water management system for your home. Regardless of whether your source of water is a private well or a public system, rarely is water received in pure form. Water can be contaminated by a variety of chemicals, pollutants and bacteria. The best water systems will reduce water contamination, which can affect your family and home.

Several types of water filtration systems are commonly available. Simple carbon and fiber filtration systems work for removing sediment and impurities, but are limited in removing toxins. These systems will improve the quality of your water, but the effects vary, depending on the amount of time the water is treated and the performance of the unit over time. Filtration units must be replaced regularly for optimum performance. Reverse osmosis water treatment units use a combination of pre-filtering and carbon filtering, and some even include ultra-violet light treatment. These units are most efficient in removing chemicals and bacteria and are mostly used for treating drinking and cooking water.

Distillers involve heating water into vapor and then cooling the vapor in another container leaving the contaminants behind. These units are costly, complex and rarely used in domestic settings.

A fourth type of system is used to treat hard water. In America, 85% of all homes are affected to some degree by hard water, which is caused by the presence of minerals like calcium. A high degree of minerals affects the ability of cleaners and is evidenced by scum residue in showers. Another concern is the buildup in plumbing and major appliances, which can cause damage. Household water softener systems work by exchanging salts for harmful minerals.

In considering water management systems for your home, you may need a combination of the above systems, depending on the source and quality of your raw water and your family’s needs. The best water systems will improve the quality of water for all uses including reducing hardness and contaminants, and improving taste. Helpful research also found here.

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