Avoid Becoming a Hospitality Horror Story Through Better Interior Design

Hotel building design

A simple web search can usually reveal thousands of horror stories about user’s experiences with the hospitality industry. In fact, entire websites exist for the purpose of documenting terrible service, awful food and ludicrous prices. As difficult as providing excellent customer service can be at times, these stories can often encourage many people in the hospitality industry to properly train their employees, place high standards on the quality of their establishment, and carefully research price and other important factors to create the best possible experience for customers. However, as important as these qualities and efforts are, they might mean nothing if a business neglects it’s hospitality design.

Studies show that hotel guests are more likely to pay for hotels with comfortable, visually pleasing hotel room designs. This is an understandable choice: with the high rate of guests who now research their trips online, pictures of tastefully-decorated and functional hospitality interior design suggest an equal amount of care dedicated to the experience as a whole. Naturally, potential visitors are then more likely to conclude that a pleasant, comfortable trip will be had at this establishment, and more likely to book a room. Similar conclusions can be drawn about restaurant interior design: diners are typically willing to take a chance on a restaurant that they’ve never tried before if looks attractive and interesting. Moreover, a functional restaurant kitchen can have a significant effect on the daily progress of the business and its workers. For this reason, many owners and managers hire hotel and restaurant interior designers to create and decorate everything from hotel building plans to bar and restaurant designs.

An interior designer is primarily responsible for the usability of their client’s space, but how puts significant thought and effort into how the area will appear and appeal to the client’s guests. As a result, a high quality hotel or restaurant interior designer will create a plan that allows guests to feel comfortable, at home, and ready to try the establishment’s services. This gives hotel and restaurant workers the opportunity to shine and earn a repeat customer.

As of 2011, there were 7,021 people working as interior designers in Australia. Unlike other countries, Australian designers can work without accreditation. However, many choose to become accredited through the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). Due to the sheer size and detail required in hospitality design, many also choose to work specifically as hotel and restaurant interior designers. If you’re interested in improving your business, and also want to avoid becoming the subject of a hospitality horror story for a lackluster atmosphere, the choice is clear: talk to a hospitality interior designer today.

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