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Types of alloys

How important is quality to your bottom line? Do your customers return to you because you offer them the best quality of the products that you offer?
In the steel and metal industries it should come as no surprise that there are not only different prices and contents, but there are also different values. And while some metals are measured according to minimum yield strength, other types of alloys are measured and valued by their resistance to both corrosion and rust. Alloys like monel, for instance, are more expensive to produce but they are often more durable and are frequently used for marine engineering.
The Cost of Monel vs Stainless Steel
Just as stainless steel grades can determine its cost, alloys like monel are also priced according to how the alloy is graded. In almost all cases, however, the cost of montel is higher than stainless steel. Its added value, though, is that monel can be used in various kinds of chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipment, including pumps, valves, shafts, fittings, heat exchangers, and fasteners.
The Durability of Monel vs Stainless Steel
When engineering and manufacturing companies are looking for parts and supplies, they are very concerned about durability. And while no one wants to pay extra money for products that are more durable than needed. Durability, however, adds to the cost of metal and stainless steel products. It is important to research the durability of a product in all kinds of temperatures as well. For items that are exposed to heat, for instance, the durability vary at higher temperatures. Given that Monel 400 can retain its shape and strength in temperatures as high as 2,372 degrees Fahrenheit means that it is a very durable product.
Consider these other facts about monel, stainless steel, and other types of alloys:

  • Nickel use is growing at a rate of 4% each year and the use of nickel-containing stainless steel is growing at about 6% each year. This is partially due to the fact that nickel and nickel-containing materials are increasingly prevalent in our everyday lives.
  • Carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel are four of the most common metals used in the construction industry.
  • Aluminum Alloy 2014 is great for forging alloy for aircraft parts because it is one of the strongest heat treatable products available.
  • Submarines must operate at least 100 metres below the Sonic Layer Depth to avoid detection by sonar. To operate at this depth, these vessels must be made of a metal with high yield strength.
  • Stainless Steel 304 is the number one most common grade of stainless steel, but when comparing monel vs stainless steel of the same ratings, monel will always come on top.
  • Aluminum bronze alloys are typically made up of 9% to 12% aluminum and as much as 6% iron and nickel.

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