Are You Searching for a Roofing Contractor After a Major Storm?

Commercial roof repair

The stacks of shingles showed up in your neighbor’s driveway early last week. And even though it rained for the next few days, as soon as the rain stopped the workers showed up and started replacing the roof that had been totaled by a spring wind and hail storm. And while you are excited for your neighbor that they are getting their project done, you are more than frustrated that you are not even close to achieving the same. In fact, the challenge to find roofing contractors who will get back to you is more than frustrating.
The day after the storm hit, your neighborhood was full of contractors who wanted to look at your roof and assess the damage. Within the first week, you had four different contractors up on your roof. When they all indicated that your roof, which was only four years old, was totaled, you decided to call your insurance. The insurance company sent out as adjuster, and this person also agreed that your entire roof was totaled and would need to be replaced. When the insurance estimate came back, however, it fell short of what you knew it would cost to complete the project. Between knowing what you had spend the last storm and finding out what your neighbor’s got, you decided that you needed to call the insurance company. In response, the insurance company indicated that you would need to get a detailed bid from a contractor and then the insurance provider would make an adjustment.
The problem, though, is that it is now nearly impossible to find roofing contractors to come out and submit a written bid. It turns out that these roofing companies would far rather take the jobs that did not need back and forth with insurance adjustors and providers.
Residential and Commercial Roofing Companies Can Help You Plan for Both Repairs and Replacements
Whether you are looking for architectural roofing shingles or you are looking for the most basic roofing materials, it can be a challenge to get a job scheduled after a major storm hits a large area of the city. Under normal circumstances, a home’s roof should be inspected once or twice a year. If you have had a recent storm that included high winds and hail, however, an immediate inspection is often necessary. Although properly installed commercial and residential roofing can last two decades or longer, strong storms can immediately shorten the life of a roof.
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