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Some of your favorite memories of growing up are the times you spent tinkering around in your grandfather’s shop. he always had many projects going on at once, but he was always willing to stop what he was doing and work on a project with you. One weekend would find you making a chest with hinges and a lid, another weekend you might be simply learning to hammer, saw, or use a power drill. Your efforts were rarely about the end product, but most often about the process.
You remember the time you were watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie or some sow like that and the kids were running around playing and taking turns with a stick horse. Grandpa shot out of his chair and announced, “I have always wanted to make one of those. Let’s go try it. I have an old tire that would be perfect.”
Many of the shop adventures started like that. An idea, some random supplies, and a flurry of activities. Some of the ideas worked out, like the stick horse, some of the ideas never really panned out, like the many failed attempts at building a kite. All of the ideas, however, were educational. In fact, you often found yourself asking your grandfather why he never tried to make a living by making all of these random creations. He smiled and responded, “Every time I have an idea, it seems like I find out someone beat me to the punch. I guess I just like creating for the sake of creating. Building for the sense of accomplishment. I like my job at the office, I guess my tinkering is just for fun.”
That conversation has stuck with you. You wish that your grandfather could have made his living doing what he loved. You wish you could have found a way to help him make money from his tinkering, his unique ideas, and his clever creations. This wish, in fact, is what pushed you toward your chosen career, a copyright and patent lawyer. You often deal with some pretty complicated cases from some fairly large companies, but every now and then you get to help some guy like your grandpa file the papers for an intellectual property case or answer a copyright or patent law case question.
Attorneys Handle Copyright and Patent Law Questions and Filings
From corporate compliance programs to cases including intellectual properties questions, the attorneys that specialize in copyright and patent law find themselves dealing with a variety of clients. In the case of a product that appears to infringe upon the product of someone else, the benefits of litigating the dispute can make for a clear decision that will help outline future decisions.
And while some copyright and patent lawyers enjoy large corporate cases that involve large pharmaceutical companies, other attorneys focus their careers on smaller cases that help the little guy take ownership of unique and beneficial products.
Lawyers Can Also Focus on Various Bankruptcy Cases for Individuals and Businesses
Although some attorneys find themselves hearing and trying patent law cases that help businesses get started with a copyright or patent for a new product, other lawyers find themselves help companies or individuals deal with the opposite end of the spectrum by assisting with bankruptcy filings.
Bankruptcy cases might create the perception that these filings involve large corporations, but in reality these cases involve a surprising number of small business cases. In fact, as many as 90% of all chapter 11 debtors have less than $10 million in assets or liabilities, less than $10 million in annual revenues, and 50 or fewer employees.
The decision to seek the advice of an attorney in the event of a bankruptcy case is a pretty easy one to make. Attorneys can help individuals, small companies, and large corporations weed through the filings and deadlines, And while some cases may involve long drawn out court cases, many mediation services can help businesses get through the process more efficiently.
Many of the biggest transitions in life involve legal proceedings. The move from being a small business owner with one small idea to becoming a more profitable business owner with a patent, for instance, involves legal filings.

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